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Welcome to Michigan!

If that doesn’t give a sizable hint at what we’ve been up to, I don’t think I can help you.

Besides my turning into the queen of sporadic posts, we’ve been busy getting our life in Ohio packed up and moved north to Michigan.  I’ll definitely miss Cleveland.  We made some wonderful friends, and had some great experiences there.  I am looking forward to seeing what life up here has to offer.  It’s a great move for all of us.  We’re closer to family, it’s a great boost for my husband’s career, and it’s just a gorgeous area in which to live.  I’ve been slacking on pictures, so I’ve got nothing to share with you there.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Instead of renting, we decided to buy our home here.  Sometimes the rental market is just too tough.  I am sad to say that, yet again, I’ve been thwarted in my goal to live in an older home.  I’ve been out of high school longer than this house has been around.  It’s a nice house, though, and it is in what is looking to be a wonderful neighborhood.  I haven’t had the chance to really talk to any neighbors yet, but a few have popped by to say hello and to introduce themselves.

The kids are settling in to our new routine very nicely, which is awesome.  We’d been on the road so much leading up to this with Aaron’s work, family visits, house hunting(and later inspection and closing), then having family visiting just about every day after we moved in(They were helping, I promise!), that there were usually a few meltdowns every day.  I’m a little embarrassed to say that I was not completely excluded from those meltdowns.  Buddy Roo has taken to the fantastic habit of screaming over everything he disagrees with.  Little Bug has picked my bossiness, and will yell her orders to any and all(Another thing I’m sad to say she picked up from me.  To say I need to work on my stress response is an understatement).  Aaron has just been stuck putting up with us throughout it all, while simultaneously trying to wrap up work in Cleveland and preparing for his job up here, complete with a formal ceremony.

Speaking of the ceremony, it was great!  I’m not usually one to fawn over the military stuff, but every once in a while, even I have to admit that it’s pretty cool.  It’s beginning to dawn on me that I’m going to be much more visible at this job, than I have been at any other place we’ve been, even Minnesota.  I guess it’s time for me to start behaving, even if only just a little!


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