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Hippie New Year!

Err, I mean Happy New Year!

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday and mostly behaved the other night.  It was a wild night of sleeping preschoolers and screaming babies here.  To spin that positively, three of the four of us made it to midnight.  A brief toast between hubby and I, then we were off to bed.  Yep.  I’m officially old.

Okay, maybe not from the other night, but still an accurate representation of our current wild natures.

Okay, maybe not from the other night, but still an accurate representation of our current wild natures.

Since I’ve been trying to do monthly challenges, I am avoiding the whole New Year’s resolutions thing.  Granted, I’ve never been much for doing them.  As you’ve all seen, I’ve a difficult enough time lasting a month, let alone a full year!  I’m easily overwhelmed, so a full year seems like too much.  By keeping it at a month, I feel less pressure, but I can also still keep it open to becoming a longer term commitment.  This is especially good, when I realize that the change I’m attempting is not for me.

So, what’s in store for this month?  I am joining a group of moms in my community in the Orange Rhino 30 Day Challenge.  If you’ve not heard about this challenge before, it’s purpose is to help you to stop yelling at your children.  Her original challenge was to commit to a full year of not yelling(Which she did!), and the interest was so great she started offering 30 day challenges to the online community.  She’s also got a very active and supportive Facebook page.

Little Bug is very spirited, very dramatic, and extremely energetic.  She’s also almost four.  Buddy Roo is also going through a huge attachment phase right now, and I’ve been spending most days at or beyond the end of my rope.  There has been so much yelling going on here, and most of it is just because I’m tired or angry(but not necessarily at the kids, specifically).  Little Bug has started to default to yelling, too.

How I feel most days.

How I feel most days.

I need to change.  I don’t want this to be a yelling house.  I’ve seen houses like that, and I’ve also seen that it doesn’t work.  They have the same troubles, only louder.

Are there times that yelling is appropriate?  Absolutely.  I’m not going to use a whisper when Little Bug is running out into the road.  Another thing to think about, though, is how likely would she be to listen to me in this instance, if she’s used to hearing me yell all of the time and is accustomed to just tuning it out?

As an added bonus, Aaron has said he’s also going to join in on this challenge with me.  This is going to make such a huge difference.  We will be able to not only support each other, but we can also keep each other in check.

This is going to be a huge challenge for me…


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