Day 4 and Beyond: What happened, and the Official Survey Results

As you may have noticed, I have left you all in a bit of a lurch these last couple of weeks.  Things actually had been going very well with Dirty Diaper Laundry’s 3rd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge, up until Friday(Day 5).  The diapers had seemed to be washing up well, the weather was cooperating for drying outside…I was even getting comfortable with pinning.  I wasn’t quick, by any stretch of the imagination, but I was comfortable using them.  Then, by the second diaper change of the day on Friday, Buddy Roo ended up with a rash.  Rashes happen around here.  Buddy Roo has some food sensitivities that can flare up when I veer off of my diet, and between him being a boy and how mobile he is, he doesn’t get nearly the air time that he should.  I’m not big on surprise puddles.

Anyway, here we were with this rash.  I was in the midst of getting the last few things together that we needed for our trip up to Michigan for Memorial Day weekend, so I didn’t really have the time to troubleshoot like I normally would.  I decided to just put some cream on him and try and figure it out up north.  I knew that I was likely going to have to rewash all of the diapers, as the most obvious cause was that they weren’t cleaned properly.  I was still planning on using the flats and finishing out the Challenge, though.  However, by the time we made it up north, the rash was much, much worse.  There really was no way around it, the diapers all needed to be rewashed, and in a washing machine.  I needed to use my regular detergent, and make sure that they were being agitated for a proper amount of time.  No more Dawn and buckets for the time being.  We had a small stash of disposable diapers at my MIL’s house, so we used those for most of our trip.DSCN4249

Once the flats were in a more confined area, it was clear that the diapers were definitely not as clean as I thought they had been.  They definitely did not smell clean, which obviously can lead to a rash.  I’m not ruling out a sensitivity to Dawn, or my diet, though.  Any of those things, or any combination thereof, could have been at the root of his raw little bottom.

After the break and rewashing, plus a little TLC, Buddy Roo and his diapers are back in the game.  I’m not forever quitting hand washing diapers, but for now I’m back to the washing machine.  I’ve had hand washing work in the past, and I still believe it’s a viable option(Plus, I really like the water savings that come along with hand washing.).  Sometimes things happen.

For the full results, and even a quote from me, check out Kim’s post here.


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