Meet the Family

Since I’ll be talking about them a lot here, I should probably give them a brief introduction.


First up is my darling husband, Aaron.  We share not only the same hometown in Michigan, but also the same high school and graduating class.  I don’t think we qualify as high school sweethearts, though as we’ve been together since 2002.  We’re not really sure of the exact date, but we have narrowed it down to sometime between June and December.  I do know that we’ve been married since January of 2004, but I’ll admit to getting the date wrong at times.

Aaron enlisted into the U.S. Coast Guard after graduating high school, and is now an officer.  He is hard-working, kind, and an amazing cook.  In fact, he’s the only reason we eat as well as we do. ( Just trust me when I say you do not want me near the stove.)


Little Bug entered our lives in January, 2010.  She’s been on the move since before she was born, and I’m still waiting for her to stop and let me catch my breath.  If we ever decide to go off the grid, I’m buying her a giant hamster wheel.  Who needs solar when you’ve got toddler-power?  Aside from her boundless energy, she’s extremely expressive and creative.  She loves animals, and she loves to sing and dance.  Some days, she’ll even dance to a song she’s singing about animals.

Buddy Roo just joined the family in September, 2012.  He is as mellow as Little Bug is energetic.  Don’t get me wrong-the kid moves, and can be quick, but there is a definite calmness about him that we haven’t been used to before he came along.  This little boy is quick to smile, and is eager to explore his world(just like his big sister).  I can’t wait to see what treats he’s got in store for us.


In addition to the two-legged children, our family also includes two cats, Branwen and Fiona.  Although they weren’t littermates, and don’t have the same parents, they are sisters.  Of that there is no doubt.

B is black and white, and is continually trying to convince me that the fluff is all fur.  She’s sneaky, a gambler, and watchful.  She’s got a cute little round face that hides a snappy little temper inside her.  She will cuddle, but only on her terms.

Fi is white, and long and lean. (Well, lean-ish.)  She’s sweet natured, loving, and not quite all there.  She’s a sensitive girl who will do anything for your affection, and has the “boneless cat” thing down pat.  Sometimes trying to get her off of you is like trying to pick up warm pulled taffy.

That’s my family.  They’re loud, giggly, furry, and can whip up a great meal.   I am truly blessed.


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